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The leaders in engagement programs.


Our business specialists have the experience with all industry sectors and we welcome discussing your goals and objectives


This is a word that encompasses the main objectives of many of the programs we create.  We know how to get results


In todays business environment you need a focused approach to success. We enable you to manage your programs efficiently.

Revenue DNA

We understand how your channel reps, employees and customers are motivated.  For over 40 years we have been delivering incentive programs that work with your business objectives, and create engaging and interactive revenue based campaigns.  We use the best of class software technology to make the management and administration of these programs simple and allow you to focus on running your business. 

XLA Rewards Engage with the power of our personalized re-loadable cards and other types of rewards.


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Program Administration

One of the most common pain-points we hear from our clients is that the administration of incentive programs can be a challenge.  Using spreadsheets and sending out emails can be very time consuming and complicated.

Data can be amazing, but if it slows you down or creates a bottleneck in your business if can be a burden that you can do without.  Our software applications can be easily implemented into new or existing programs, so that you can focus on running your business.



We streamline your engagement with your salesforce, operations and customer participants by implementing easy to use and manage technology platforms.

We have learned that using our state of the art technology can increase the interaction with individuals and gain their trust, through faster payment methods of their rewards, and the ease of which they can learn more about your products so that they can be more knowledgeable with their customers.

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The kNEXTis Team is focused on delivering results through a blend of traditional techniques, media and digital programs.  Interactive, integration and idea driven elements are always key modules of any engagement campaign we put together.  kNEXTis can put together comprehensive engagement packages for any sized business.  We partner with best in class organizations to ensure that our clients recieve the best results.  


We are committed, energetic and hold ourselves and each other accountable to go the extra mile to deliver results. We embrace our performance driven culture to reach new milestones and exceed our goals. We are solutions focused, resilient and tenacious. We make promises and commitments with care to ensure we consistently deliver with quality. Owning the work, following through on commitments, getting results.